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Upgrade  Awards - Use FontAwesome?


I was wondering if it is possible to use the FontAwesome icons for awards, and if not, if that's something you would consider adding in the future?

Thank you! :D
Not a problem! Thanks for pointing me towards that, and sorry I missed it!

Am I doing something wrong, though? It is working on the front end, but in the Admin area, I'm not getting a preview of the icon: the first one is CSS, the second is an image.

[Image: ba36b748b33cd1e147e03fe32882f81e.png]

I believe I've followed the instructions correctly. As I said, it is working on the front end:
[Image: 9520f8f1873c8bc8a17077a86bf5d47b.png]

So not sure what I did (or didn't do).

Thank you!
Hi @ThistleProse.

I apologize for not noticing your post was unapproved.

If I recall correctly the ACP end is not updated to display CSS icons. I won't consider this to be a high priority and thus I have not fixed it yet. However, it will eventually be fixed.


See issue: https://github.com/Sama34/OUGC-Awards/issues/64
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