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ougcLandingPage700x400.png, 11 Dec, 2023

OUGC Landing Page

Introducing OUGC Landing Page by OUGC.Network, a plugin that lets you guide specific user groups to unique pages and offers the flexibility to skip r...

286521096-03e895ab-a315-4fe0-955b-2a8da23b8e4b.png, 4 Apr, 2024

OUGC Profile Activity

OUGC Profile Activity by OUGC.Network transforms user profiles by showcasing the user's latest threads or posts, offering a glimpse into their forum ...

ougcforcepostcaptcha700x400.png, 21 Oct, 2020

OUGC Force Post Captcha

Hey there! Ever had to deal with pesky spam on your MyBB forum Say no more with "Force Post Captcha"! This awesome plugin lets you easily set up the ...

ougcprivatethreads700x400.png, 15 Sep, 2020

OUGC Private Threads

Private Threads is the go-to MyBB plugin for keeping discussions secret! With this slick tool, you can mark threads as private, so only specific user...

ougcdisablequotemedia700x400.png, 15 Aug, 2020

OUGC Disable Quotes Media

OUGC Disable Quotes Media effortlessly enhances readability by converting image and video embeds within quoted content into convenient links, prevent...

ougcthreadcontributors700x400.png, 22 May, 2020

OUGC Thread Contributors

OUGC Thread Contributors is a MyBB plugin designed to enhance user engagement and provide a comprehensive overview of thread participants. With this ...

ougccontactthread700x400.png, 2 May, 2020

OUGC Contact Thread

OUGC Contact Thread is a MyBB plugin designed to streamline communication on your forum. With this easy-to-use script, whenever a user submits a mess...

ougchal700x400.png, 2 May, 2020

OUGC Hide Administrator Location

OUGC Hide Administrator Location is a MyBB plugin designed to enhance privacy and security. With this plugin, administrators can effortlessly hide th...

ougcdmifd700x400.jpg, 29 Apr, 2020

OUGC Display Message In Forum Display

This user-friendly plugin allows thread messages to appear directly in the forum display, offering a convenient preview without entering individual t...

ougccustompromotionfield700x400.png, 22 Apr, 2020

OUGC Custom Promotion Field

With the Custom Promotion Field plugin, administrators can now select custom tables and columns for seamless validation during group promotions. For ...

ougcshowinportal700x400.png, 16 Mar, 2020

OUGC Show In Portal

An essential tool empowering forum moderators with enhanced control over thread visibility in the portal landing page. This intuitive plugin allows s...

ougcpages700x400.png, 28 Apr, 2020

OUGC Pages

OUGC Pages is a versatile and feature-rich PHP plugin designed for MyBB forum administrators. It empowers administrators to effortlessly create, mana...

ougcannbars700x400.png, 16 Mar, 2020

OUGC Announcement Bars

This plugin will allow administrators and super moderators to manage announcement bars. Download Download the latest package from the MyBB Extend s...

ougcfeedback700x400.png, 1 Apr, 2020

OUGC Feedback

With this powerful feedback system, your users will be able to rate their interacted exchanges within your forum. The system is basically a replicati...

ougcawards700x400.png, 2 Apr, 2020

OUGC Awards

With this powerful awards system you will be able to grant awards to your users. Administrators can grant awards from the ACP or ModCP, which will be...

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