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Members OUGC Contract System
Allow users to attach contracts or deals that they can share privately or attach to their threads.

Contact Method
  • Allow only specific users to create contracts within the UserCP.
  • Allow moderators to manage user contracts within the ModCP.
  • Allow contract authors to create contracts and share them via PM (using the format `[contract]n[/contract]`).
  • Users can embed contracts only in PMs where both the contract author and contract vendor are participating in.
  • Contract owner and vendors can perform quick actions directly from threads or PMs, always being redirected back to the original source page.
  • Allow contracts to be attached to threads in specific forums only.
  • Allow users to set contract vendor (secondary user), contract price, and contract type (buying or selling).
  • Allow vendor users to accept or decline contracts.
  • Contracts can be attached only to threads the user owns (author's threads).
  • Only one contract can be attached per thread.
  • Allow all or specific payment methods for contracts.
    • PayPal
    • Bitcoin
    • Zelle
    • Cashapp
    • Revolut
    • Bank Transfer
  • Allow contract custom start dates and allow custom groups to set end dates.
  • Define a default end date interval for all contracts (only custom groups can set end dates).
  • Allow users to close any contract at any time regardless of end date.
  • Allow both, contract owners and contract vendors to leave (abandon) any contract at any time before it gets closed.
  • Allow both, contract owners and contract vendors to confirm service and payment respectively.
  • Set a default term of services template, so users get an idea of what information is expected.
  • Term of services are parsed (no HTML allowed) so users can use field as a rich field.
  • Allow contracts to be disputed once during or after the contract closes.
  • Create a thread when contract is disputed, in a specific forum.
  • Allow moderators to manage disputes within the ModCP.
  • Dispute Fee: If disputes are closed from the ModCP, a fee can be charged to the user.
  • Dispute fee is charged either to the user opening the dispute, or to the user losing the dispute.
  • Dispute fee can be transferred to the moderator closing the dispute, to nobody, or a fixed account.
  • Allow deletion of unaccepted contracts.

Included in Pack
  • One plugin copy.
  • English language pack.
  • One month subscription plan to get support. See details.
  • Installation or setup is not included. Plugin should work out of the box in a fresh installation according to the requirements stated above.