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Members OUGC Awards
With this powerful awards system you will be able to grant awards to your users. Administrators can grant awards from the ACP or ModCP, which will be automatically displayed inside both posts and profiles.

The system also allows you to automatically grant or revoke awards once users meet certain criteria, just like with the core group promotion feature.

The following is a list of features included in the latest package.
  • ACP
    • Administrator permission available.
    • Award categories management.
    • Awards general management.
    • Grant and revoke awards, as well as updating granted ones.
    • Owner status management.
    • Allow request per category, award, or both.
  • ModCP
    • Display setting available.
    • Moderation permission available.
    • Grant and revoke awards, as well as updating granted ones.
    • Request queue management.
    • Request logs management.
  • UserCP
    • Change the display status and display order of each award.
    • Request queue management for owned awards.
    • Request logs management for owned awards.
  • Awards Page
    • Display permission available.
    • Listing of all active categories and awards.
    • Request modal forms.
    • User granting list for each award.
  • Stats Page
    • Display setting available.
    • Most and Lastest awarded users.
  • Profile
    • Maximum awards per user.
    • Pagination feature.
  • Posts
    • Maximum awards per post.
    • Maximum awards per line.
    • View all link opens modal AJAX.
  • Task System
    • Task management to grant awards automatically (15+ conditionals).
    • Task file included.
    • Support for multiple plugins, including:
      • Newpoints points
      • MyDownloads Files count
      • MyArcade score count
      • OUGC Custom Reputation count (#67)
  • General
    • "View My Awards" inside the header welcome block opens modal AJAX..
    • Adds awards page link in header menu.
    • Send PM notification on award granting.
    • Send MyAlerts notification on award granting.
    • Manually award multiple users at the same time.
    • Global request notification for moderators and award owners.
    • Assign an thread to any granting.
    • Users can be granted the same award multiple times.
    • Import awards from the MyAwards or Nickman's awards plugin.
    • It is possible to use both image and CSS icons for awards.