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How can I use custom templates on a by category or award basis?

By default only two templates are included for formatting the award image. These are ougcawards_award_image_class and ougcawards_award_image, for CSS and image awards respectively.

But it is possible to use custom templates on a per category or award basis. To use custom templates instead of the default global templates follow the next steps:
  1. Go to Home » Manage Awards and add or edit an award.
  2. Under Template Type select the Custom Template (Advanced) option.
  3. Save

Now create a custom template for such award as follows:
  1. Go to Home » Template Sets » [YOUR THEME] » Add Template and add a new template using the following name schemes:
    • ougcawards_award_imageX, where X is the award id.
    • ougcawards_award_image_catX, where X is the category id of that
  2. Within the templates content you can use any variables available in both the ougcawards_award_image_class and ougcawards_award_image templates. Some examples of such variables are {$mybb->settings['bburl']}, {$award['aid']}, {$award['name']}, and {$award['image']}.
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