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How can I split awards on lines?

It is possible to break awards display into rows, rather that to display them in a single row.

This plugin ships with various settings, two of them being the following:
  • Maximum Awards in Posts
    Maximum number of awards to be shown in posts. -1 for unlimited. 0 to disable.
  • Maximum Awards Per Line
    Maximum number of awards to be shown in the same line in posts before adding a break tag. Leave 0 to disable.

With the default values for these settings (4 and 0 respectively) only a maximum of 4 awards will be displayed in posts with no new line breaks. Using this logic, changing the values to -1 an 5 respectively should display all awards in posts, with a maximum of 5 awards per line.

There is no reason for these settings to fail. However, it is possible that these settings doesn't fit a theme, as the HTML parsing of browsers might break them into new lines under certain conditions, some of these being the width of parent containers as well as the screen dimensions of the device being used, among others.

To adapt the style to fit your theme you will need to edit the ougcawards_postbit and ougcawards_award_image templates, which might include the addition of CSS code. The specific changes necessary might vary from theme to theme and as such the specific changes are out of the scope of the plugin general support.
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