How can I change the box display in profiles to in-line display?

By default awards are displayed in a box format inside profile pages. To change this display to display awards in-line rather that a box, you only need to edit the templates provided with the plugin. A example modification with a default installation is as follows:
  • Replace the ougcawards_profile template with the following:
  • Replace the ougcawards_profile_multipage template with the following:
  • Replace the ougcawards_profile_row template with the following:
  • Leave the ougcawards_profile_row_category template empty.
  • Replace the ougcawards_profile_row_empty template with the following:

After finishing the template modifications, you will need to move the variable {$memprofile['ougc_awards']} within the member_profile template around to display the awards wherever you want. The following preview is just an example of how the end result after editing the templates could be.


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