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What is my application OAuth2 Redirect URL ?
When configuring your application OAuth2 settings you must specify at least one URI for authentication to work.

The URL for this setting should be similar to the following:

Where localhost is your forum URL (including domain, subdomain, or sub directory). Some examples are found below:

Additional URIs are not required for this plugin.
How to configure the plugin settings?
There are at least five settings required for all plugin features to work properly, which will be listed and additional information regarding their configuration below.

  • Aplication Client ID and Aplication Client Secret
    The values for these both settings are found under the same page.
    • Go to the applications page in Discord Developer Portal.
    • Your application Client ID and Client Secret can be found in the OAuth2 section of your application page.
    • If you regenerate your Client Secret, the plugin settings have to be updated as well.
  • Oauth2 Scopes
    The minimum scope requirements and default value for this setting is: identify guilds.join
  • Application Bot Token
    • Go to the applications page in Discord Developer Portal.
    • Your application Bot Token can be found in the Bot section of your application page under the Username setting.
    • If you regenerate your Bot Token, the plugin settings have to be updated as well.
  • Guild ID
    To get your Guild ID, go to your Guild (Server), right click over the Guild name and you should get a menu. The Copy ID menu item should copy the Guild ID to your keyboard. The Guild ID is usually a set number of 18 digits.

These are the essential settings required for the plugin features to properly work.

Configure additional settings to fit your board requirements.
What are the minimum Discord bot permissions?
The Discord bot configured for this plugin requires at least the following permissions enabled for this plugin to work properly:

  • Manage Roles
  • Create Invite
  • Change Nickname
  • Manage Nicknames
  • Kick Members

All current features should work with these minimum permissions.

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