How do I get my CoinPayments private and public keys?
This plugin requires both a private and a public key to function. You will need to read the CoinPayments help center documents in order to get a full description of these and how to get them.

To put it in short steps, as of the las update to this FAQ, the steps are as follow:
  1. Go to your API Keys account page by clicking here (https://www.coinpayments.net/index.php?cmd=acct_api_keys).
  2. Ideally you should create a new key to be used only by the OUGC Deposit Points plugin.
  3. Once the key is created, you will need to edit its permissions.
    • Key Enabled should be ticked.
    • Withdrawal Limits You must select the Currency to use for below limits value to match the plugin's Requests Currency setting.
    • The following permissions are required:
      • create_withdrawal
      • Allow auto_confirm = 1 in create_withdrawal (not recommended unless you absolutely need it) Is required if using the Auto Confirm Withdrawals plugin setting.
  4. Save the key permission settings.
  5. Paste the Public Key and Private Key values to the plugin's CoinPayments Public Key and CoinPayments Private Key respectively.

These should be all the necessary steps in order to configure your CoinPayments API key settings for this plugin.

Below you would be able to see some images to help you understand what is described here.
Blockonomics show 200 OK status for callback, but there are no ACP logs.
Blockonomics Wrote:The Blockonomics plugin will automatically update the order status when a bitcoin payment sent by your customer is confirmed. This works in all our ecommerce plugins. [...]

However, it might be possible that even if Blockonomics displays a 200 status code the OUGC Deposit Points plugin will not display any IPN logs in the ACP.

To debug and resolve this issue please proceed to read the following Blockonomics help document to identify possible burdens in your side.

Order status not changing - callbacks failing

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