"View My Awards" link in header doesn't work.
By default, a quick link for users to view their awards in a modal is added to new installs. A preview can be seen below.

It might be possible that this link is missing in some custom themes. To verify that the necessary code is correctly added follow the next steps.
  • In the headerinclude template, the following code is required:

    By default this is added after {$stylesheets}, which in the default theme is located after the lines to load jquery.js, jquery.plugins.min.js, and general.js.

    It might be possible that the order of these files and variables affect the functionality of this feature.
  • In the header_welcomeblock_member template, the following code is required:

The correct addition of these codes should ensure this feature works on most installs.
How can I split awards on lines?
It is possible to break awards display into rows, rather that to display them in a single row.

This plugin ships with various settings, two of them being the following:
  • Maximum Awards in Posts
    Maximum number of awards to be shown in posts. -1 for unlimited. 0 to disable.
  • Maximum Awards Per Line
    Maximum number of awards to be shown in the same line in posts before adding a break tag. Leave 0 to disable.

With the default values for these settings (4 and 0 respectively) only a maximum of 4 awards will be displayed in posts with no new line breaks. Using this logic, changing the values to -1 an 5 respectively should display all awards in posts, with a maximum of 5 awards per line.

There is no reason for these settings to fail. However, it is possible that these settings doesn't fit a theme, as the HTML parsing of browsers might break them into new lines under certain conditions, some of these being the width of parent containers as well as the screen dimensions of the device being used, among others.

To adapt the style to fit your theme you will need to edit the ougcawards_postbit and ougcawards_award_image templates, which might include the addition of CSS code. The specific changes necessary might vary from theme to theme and as such the specific changes are out of the scope of the plugin general support.
How can I change the box display in profiles to in-line display?
By default awards are displayed in a box format inside profile pages. To change this display to display awards in-line rather that a box, you only need to edit the templates provided with the plugin. A example modification with a default installation is as follows:
  • Replace the ougcawards_profile template with the following:
  • Replace the ougcawards_profile_multipage template with the following:
  • Replace the ougcawards_profile_row template with the following:
  • Leave the ougcawards_profile_row_category template empty.
  • Replace the ougcawards_profile_row_empty template with the following:

After finishing the template modifications, you will need to move the variable {$memprofile['ougc_awards']} within the member_profile template around to display the awards wherever you want. The following preview is just an example of how the end result after editing the templates could be.

How can I enable import from MyAwards or Nickman's Awards plugins?
Importing from these plugins is disabled by default. To enable the import feature please follow the next steps.
  1. Open file dir/inc/plugins/ougc_awards.php
  2. Find the following line:
    public $allow_imports = false;
  3. Change to:
    public $allow_imports = true;
  4. Save
Links for the import modules should now appear below the plugin information in your forum plugins page inside the administrator panel.
How can I use CSS icons instead of images for awards?
Using CSS icons instead of images is (friendly) possible since version 1.8.19. To use CSS icons instead of images follow the next steps.
  1. Go to Home » Manage Awards and add or edit an award.
  2. Under Template Type select the Class Template option.
  3. Under Image / Class type your CSS class for that award alone.
  4. Save
  5. Finally, you need to include your JavaScript library code inside the headerinclude template.

To update the template used for CSS awards go to Home » Template Sets » [YOUR TEHEME] » OUGC Awards Templates and edit the ougcawards_award_image_class template to meet your requirements. By default the system contemplates administrators to be using the Semantic UI Icon library but doesn't adds the JavaScript library code inside the headerinclude template.

Using both image and CSS awards at the same time is possible.
How can I use custom templates on a by category or award basis?
By default only two templates are included for formatting the award image. These are ougcawards_award_image_class and ougcawards_award_image, for CSS and image awards respectively.

But it is possible to use custom templates on a per category or award basis. To use custom templates instead of the default global templates follow the next steps:
  1. Go to Home » Manage Awards and add or edit an award.
  2. Under Template Type select the Custom Template (Advanced) option.
  3. Save

Now create a custom template for such award as follows:
  1. Go to Home » Template Sets » [YOUR THEME] » Add Template and add a new template using the following name schemes:
    • ougcawards_award_imageX, where X is the award id.
    • ougcawards_award_image_catX, where X is the category id of that
  2. Within the templates content you can use any variables available in both the ougcawards_award_image_class and ougcawards_award_image templates. Some examples of such variables are {$mybb->settings['bburl']}, {$award['aid']}, {$award['name']}, and {$award['image']}.
Why can't I see the awards module?
After installing the plugin you might need to update your administrator permission to be able to access the new awards module. Please go to Home » Users & Groups » Admin Permissions » User Permissions and update your user, group, or both permissions. Update your default permissions to reflect the change for new administrators. Super administrators shouldn't be affected by this.

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