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Plugins Description


Create additional pages directly from the ACP.

With this powerful feedback system your users will be able to rate their integrated exchanges within your forum. The system is basically a replication of the core reputation system modified to resemble an ala "eBay" rating system.

The following is a list of features included in the latest package.
  • Configuration
    • Enable SEO friendly URLs.
    • Create unlimited categories.
    • Import and export your pages for easy sharing.
  • Categories
    • Set group permissions to access categories.
    • Hide the category name from breadcrumbs.
    • Create unlimited pages.
    • Easily move pages between categories.
    • Make your pages accessible from the User Control Panel.
  • Pages
    • Set group permissions.
    • Display or hide from the online list (WOL support).
    • Use a template wrapper for easy or simple pages.
    • Execute pages as PHP code to generate complex pages.
    • Run pages as soon as the plugin loads to reduce resources usage.

This plugin ships with seven example pages that you can import into your forum.
  • A banned list that is viewable by members.
  • A simple HTML page that uses the template wrapper.
  • A simple PHP page that uses the template wrapper.
  • A new thread page accesible to everybody.
  • A signature image built from your forum statics and isn't added to the online list (WOL).
  • A simple page that lists all stuck threads in your forum.
  • A helper file to integrate your DVZ Shoutbox or Miuna Shoutbox.

The plugin is designed to be helpful for creating basic or complex pages to your community.

-> Check Pages Library.


Please make sure your setup meets the following package requirements before proceeding with the installation process. Note that requirements marked as "Optional" are only necessary for certain plugin features to work properly.

  • MyBB version 1.8.24
  • PluginLibrary 13

Installation Instructions

Unless otherwise stated, the installation steps is the same for all available projects.

  1. Download the official package from the MyBB Extend site.
  2. Upload the contents of the Upload folder to your MyBB root directory.
  3. Go to Home » Configuration » Plugins and install the plugin by clicking Install & Activate or update by clicking Activate.
  4. That is it.

Update Instructions

Unless otherwise stated below, the update process is as follow:

  1. Deactivate the plugin.
  2. Follow the installation instructions.


This modification is under the GPL Version 3, 29 June 2007 License, by downloading this package you agree with such license.

Thank You!

Remember this is a free release developed on free time, either for personal use or as custom requests.

Any contribution is welcome.


The following is a set of preview images. Not all features are portrayed.

Filename: ougcpages01.png Size: 12.12 KB 8:56 pm, 28 Apr, 2020 Filename: ougcpages02.png Size: 44.66 KB 8:56 pm, 28 Apr, 2020 Filename: ougcpages03.png Size: 36.4 KB 8:56 pm, 28 Apr, 2020 Filename: ougcpages04.png Size: 29.28 KB 8:56 pm, 28 Apr, 2020 Filename: ougcpages05.png Size: 40.99 KB 8:56 pm, 28 Apr, 2020 Filename: ougcpages06.png Size: 25.34 KB 8:56 pm, 28 Apr, 2020 Filename: ougcpages07.png Size: 27.91 KB 8:56 pm, 28 Apr, 2020 Filename: ougcpages08.png Size: 16.75 KB 8:56 pm, 28 Apr, 2020 Filename: ougcpages09.png Size: 30 KB 8:56 pm, 28 Apr, 2020 Filename: ougcpages10.png Size: 22.01 KB 8:56 pm, 28 Apr, 2020


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